Friday, June 4, 2010

They're doing this on purpose

I have to believe that TomTom's advertising/poster is genius. This was spotted at a Best Buy.
A misspelling in a national advertisement is highly blog-able and I've seen it on the book of faces twice! It makes people feel really smart when they catch it, and they get to brag about how clever they are by posting it on the internet somewhere. (I realize I'm doing the same thing--but im like SUPER META SMART, duh!)

I have to ask myself, are they being so clever that i dont get it? Am i stupid? Are they squeezing in the latin word "via"--i hope not. I hope it's just purposeful mispelling because, to be honest, I don't care about spelling anymore--and i don't believe bad spelling precludes good naviagation or intellugance.

My question... how did the advertisers convince TomTom to let them do this? How can i learn to be so convincing?

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