Saturday, December 13, 2008

Xmas Traditions

It's true. I LIKE xmas.

My apartment has a few xmas traditions:
1. We make a gingerbread house
2. We play dreamphone. Y
3. Watch a x-mas movie
4. Pass out.
5. Wake up thinking... "IT'SSS XXXMMMAAASSSS!!!!!!"
6. Eat pancakes
7. Exchange Gifts
8. Go to work. (Xmas is usually on a weekday)

The photo is this year's tree by Leeanne.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Tonight the moon will look 14% bigger and brighter.

Also, there will be a meteor shower for the next two nights.

Look up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've gotten by for a long time with a very minimum understanding of math. It's sad really. I learned math in school...well, i was 'educated' in basic math; but i never fully comprehended it. Also, i have a fairly good intuitive sense of what an answer might be and so i squeezed by, learning just enough to do well on tests. When, though, in everyday life would i use the quadratic equation? I have a sense that math is a sort of secret language and the only words i know are "hello, how are you?"; "Where is the bathroom?" Anyone who's ever studied a language knows that those phrases are great until the person you're talking to responds.

Starting today..well, yesterday really, I am committed to learning math. Starting at the very beginning. Numbers. As part of this personal project, im going to attempt to visualize the explanation of mathematics and concepts that i never could really "see".

Let's see how long this lasts for.

I have, in my possession a math review textbook (algebra, geometry, and trig), a binder filled with graph paper, a calculator, a pen and pencil. I'm ready. I think im ready.

more to come

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Economy (is) Stupid.

Fact: Buying less is GOOD for the PLANET.
Fact: Buying less is BAD for the ECONOMY.

Ways people feel about the the economic situation:




My generation thinks like this.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Innovation Tips and Tricks

There are days like this. Yesterday was one of them. Maybe today too.

If you try to satisfy everyone you’re satisfying no one.

If you try to satisfy everyone you’re satisfying no one.

How many stories a day do you give full attention to?

Visualize math. How can you see numbers?

Here’s an amazing math thing. 1+2=3 one thing plus one thing means there will be three things.

What is this?

Math cultural things. Im giving you math hints and you’re not paying attention

Figuring out things on your own means that you’ve really learned something.

Learn new ways to learn things.


Monday, December 1, 2008

10 Tips and Tricks for Getting Through the Day While Being Mildly Entertained.

Have some time to wast--- i mean, UTILIZE? Try one of these fun activities:

1. General Epidermal Inspection. How is the skin on your forearm doing? What about your cuticles? Any new moles or ingrown hairs? Remember, don't pick too much. (5 min-1hour depending on amount of exposed skin)

2. Nail Biting. It's not sanitary or attractive, but it is satisfying to peal that top layer of nail off and to nibble away at any inconsistencies. (1-3 min)

3. Hair Removal. Notice any unnaturally long/dark/new hairs...pluck them away. (1-3min)

4. Change Your Altitude. Sit at the tallest table/surface in your area. Check out the new view, fresh air, and notice the effect this has on your social positioning. (20min-1+hours)

5. Draw. A writing utensil is really your greatest weapon against boredom. Drawing on paper, new scrap or otherwise, or on any non-paper surface (including yourself) is a great way to entertain yourself and you'll almost always have something to show for it. (1min-8+hours)

6. Change It Up. Cross your cross them the other way. see, wasnt that fun? Now sit up straight. Now slouch. Which do you prefer. How do you look/feel? (1-5min)

7. Take a Trip. Remember, you always need* water, coffee, "fresh air", or something from the supply closet. *While these may not be considered needs, they are your basic rights as an office worker. (5-20min)

8. Double Check. Go back to your desk. Look around, you probably forgot something that you'll need later. (2-3min)

9. Rearrange/Organize. Organize your tools. example: Writing Instruments. I suggest keeping your black pens together, maybe subdividing them into ball point and felt tip. Colored felt tips i like to to keep mixed up. Pencils should be seperated always. But think of a system that works for you and change it up as often as you like. (10-20min)

10. Look at the People Around You. There is a wealth of inspiration in both the idiosyncrasies and the commonalities of the people in your line of sight. Watch and learn. Take note. Draw pictures. Enjoy.