Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beginning

Discipline is what I lack most, I think. This blog is my first project of the month of July. My month of selfishness. I work for myself only. I must criticize myself with the same harsh honesty I've applied to the world around me. A daily record of events and maybe even thoughts. I must make time for me.

I finished work today at 6:05. My wristwatch reminded me to end my day, return home and start my vacation. Only I am not vacating. When I entered my house I found everyone as they should be. I was happy. The house was alive and content. I left to walk with gary and some music. I caught the last hours of sunlight walking quickly down crowded newbury street and into the park where i sat and watched the city go black and the sky weigh down on the buildings. Watching the signs of man's progress, the electric lights, the cars, the control of space, i relaxed for a little while.