Friday, June 12, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Imagine this scenario:

It is the year 2009. We live largely on screen, floating in an ocean of information. Secretly though, we all crave reality and stories to share, and with the economy flat--social currency is the only thing worth exchanging.

A decision is made at a beverage company to reinvigorate an old brand...They do this by creating a temporary disruption in the marketplace. Completely changing the packaging to remind people how much they love the OLD brand. A business gaff is staged and a marketing drama plays out over the span of a couple weeks. The characters: A major beverage company, A well known advertising agency, the media, and all of us consumers. The props: orange juice packaging, print and tv advertising, and global news sources. In a short period of time regular people have conversations and opinions about business news. Everyman becomes a consultant, a designer, and a ceo among his friends and family. Most importantly, everybody is talking about Tropicana and consumers feel they are being listened to-- and so and old brand becomes relevant once again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Best of Boston 2009

A collaboration between Rose and I for a Boston Magazine Cover Submission. The idea really was Rose's. I would say this is pretty close to her initial sketch.