Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know, i know...

I'm a failure in completion. I make promises i dont keep to even myself. I've learned that i am a slow slow worker. It's disapointing. For as quick witted as i can be (and that is in no way a compliment to myself)--but for as fast as i can spout out bullshit, i do actual work extremely slowly. I think that my imganitation develops like a very slow polaroid. Images come to me, but over days or sometimes week. and i distract myself too often. Even now.

I need to learn how to work faster and to focus.

While i do work slowly, the questions and answers are constantly forming in my head. Im exploring as many possibilities, mentally, as i can think of before each and every action. It is a constant annoyance to have that endless stream of consciousness which is more often wrong than right.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Okay..so day 4...

...aaannd not as productive as i would have liked. I mean, i've been relllaaaxxxiiinnggg, maaannn... and it's totally worth it. I had a massage that was fucking amazing and needed. im basically the most selfish person ever. i know. my family reminds me whenever they get the chance. i wont even get into it. I'm working on my astronaut painting...trying it finish it and phase out the astronaut. Also, im going ot paint over my big square military painting witha fractured landscape. Time, light, and space are my themes this month. Today is fourth of july. i dont feel particularly patriotic. i think the fact that im about to paint over top of a military guy speaks to that. It's really the color that's killing me mostly. It's gross.

Idea: do that house silohette (also learn to spell that word)... but the houses with flickering TV lights in the window as a .gif or animation.
It will be easy. just do it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day One, half way through.

So what have I actually done today? I spent the morning easing into my day, i guess... well, that's not entirely accurate. i mean, i did wake up at 6. I dressed and packed up my stuff and walked over to the space where i dropped off my things before heading to the gym. I did a pussy-ass workout. ****** i walked to the space to paint. It feels good to paint. it feels good to move slowly. Though, really i should have made more progress than i did. i did do soommeethings today. I dropped off mail, paid some bills, bought a broom and a paper towel holder (it's called growing up, maybe you've heard of it.) I rented a movie. 10,000BC. It's about cavemen i think. It's weird being in blockbuster in the middle of the day.

Day 1: the plan

Exercise...cant decide if i should swim or run, but these are the options im giving myself. I'm thinking swimming at the gym as i do not feel like driving at all today.
Massage: what better way to start my vacation than to outsource relaxation.
Finish painting of triangles and astronaut.
Begin project on Time.