Monday, December 21, 2009

It was designed to be low cost.

It's definitely not. We went to check out Case Study House #22 before heading out to our holiday party with work. It's a really cool, and very simple house. two bedrooms, one bath, living room, kitchen, dining, pool, and the best view of LA I've seen.

Sample Sale!

The Christmas Sweater got 'spensive now that everyone's ironic. Supply & Demand i guess. I thought i'd get in on the action and try and sell some wares on Abbot Kinney last Sunday. It wasn't terribly successful...but i think i learned a lot. Also, i met many locals.

Thinking about the future.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Am I paranoid if...???

I realized that some of searches and sites i've been looking at tonight include things like: MONEY, FBI, and airlines...and i thought... "That looks like crazy behavior!!"

UPDATE: .... AAANNNDDD guess what...the second after i posted this shit, my blogged disappeared from the internet for about half an hour.

Songs about money.

I came home after work today; a good day at work; and I sat in my room to draw and I thought, i want to hear some songs about money. So, I tried to create a Pandora station but Subject Creation isn't an option. So I googled "SONGS ABOUT MONEY" and it turns out that on (of course) a TOP TEN list was created.

I'm listening it now and getting back to drawing, and it sounds like my relationship with money will be like my relationship with math. I don't expect either to be a really good experience---but for some reason i wish i would wake up one day with it magically in my possession.