Monday, December 21, 2009

It was designed to be low cost.

It's definitely not. We went to check out Case Study House #22 before heading out to our holiday party with work. It's a really cool, and very simple house. two bedrooms, one bath, living room, kitchen, dining, pool, and the best view of LA I've seen.

Sample Sale!

The Christmas Sweater got 'spensive now that everyone's ironic. Supply & Demand i guess. I thought i'd get in on the action and try and sell some wares on Abbot Kinney last Sunday. It wasn't terribly successful...but i think i learned a lot. Also, i met many locals.

Thinking about the future.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Am I paranoid if...???

I realized that some of searches and sites i've been looking at tonight include things like: MONEY, FBI, and airlines...and i thought... "That looks like crazy behavior!!"

UPDATE: .... AAANNNDDD guess what...the second after i posted this shit, my blogged disappeared from the internet for about half an hour.

Songs about money.

I came home after work today; a good day at work; and I sat in my room to draw and I thought, i want to hear some songs about money. So, I tried to create a Pandora station but Subject Creation isn't an option. So I googled "SONGS ABOUT MONEY" and it turns out that on (of course) a TOP TEN list was created.

I'm listening it now and getting back to drawing, and it sounds like my relationship with money will be like my relationship with math. I don't expect either to be a really good experience---but for some reason i wish i would wake up one day with it magically in my possession.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Flight to LA or The Crazy Bitch in Row 17

im on an airplane right now (the big move) and shit is going down is entertaining. My plane is empty. i have an entire row to myself. the row in front of me is occupied only by one blonde woman with uggs and attitude. She's pretty loud and grating and starts talking/flirting with the guy in front of her...and drinking. she's drunk. She's getting louder. I'm watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so really... im totally fine--cant even hear them. then the guy across from her asks politely if she could keep it down a little (we're on a red-eye). Well this crazy bitch FLIPS out. I'm watching her lips flale and arms flap and i take off my headphones to HEAR HER yelling "Are you kidding me? are you FUCKING kidding me?! I'm not going to lower MY voice, i've had enough of you people...i want a double drink, i want to sit here. move HIM."
Flight attendants emerge from every corner of the plane to calm this bitch down, " Are YOU kidding me? I'm going to talk to Richard Branson. I've had it with you people. I will be talking to the FBI, Ground control, Virgin American Security. ... This is BULLSHIT!!"
Really, it was fun to watch and to be so close to. this attendent dude put the smack down too. i have to give him credit.
He is like... "Don't cause a scene... we're trying to be accomodating...everyone is fine. you're the one with the problem. I suggest you do call richard branson." --he looks at me "has she been like this the whole time?"
"She's wacky, " i said.
She huffed and bristled and pouted while slurping the last of her vodka tonic through her tiny straw.

Moral of this story: EXPERIENCE DESIGN things don't always go right. How does your brand deal with problems? This was a funny experience to witness, to be a part of even. Virgin could choreograph outbursts like that, just for pure theater. maybe it would be awesome? reality television in action.

I'm moving to L.A.

UPDATE: She's been handed a "Cease & Desist" notice to read over. i think it's the equivalent of a last warning before she's fucked. I'm trying to read it through the cracks in the seat. no dice. Looks official though. She's popping pills. She sleeps .
Virgin Onboard is awesome.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AIDS is scary shit.

My brother is working for a nonprofit that is trying to get the state of MA to really focus on prevention of AIDS rather than on treatment of the disease. For a lot of reasons it makes sense. BUT, in order to do that there is a messaging challenge in that AIDS is fucking scary shit. It's basically the worst thing that could happen to you, right?? It certainly feels like it. .... i mean, just LOOK at the book (below) that my brother is reading on the subject. It was funny, and slightly embarrassing, being on the beach and seeing his book on our blanket... you can almost feel a force field emanating from says "KEEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE ON THIS BLANKET." It's horrible. So, how do you engage the public in discussion of such a scary topic? It would be difficult... we've made it even too scary to get tested. In fact, it's so scary that we need consent to even get tested... but why is it different than other social diseases like TB?? Doctors just TEST you for TB. What's the diff?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Imagine this scenario:

It is the year 2009. We live largely on screen, floating in an ocean of information. Secretly though, we all crave reality and stories to share, and with the economy flat--social currency is the only thing worth exchanging.

A decision is made at a beverage company to reinvigorate an old brand...They do this by creating a temporary disruption in the marketplace. Completely changing the packaging to remind people how much they love the OLD brand. A business gaff is staged and a marketing drama plays out over the span of a couple weeks. The characters: A major beverage company, A well known advertising agency, the media, and all of us consumers. The props: orange juice packaging, print and tv advertising, and global news sources. In a short period of time regular people have conversations and opinions about business news. Everyman becomes a consultant, a designer, and a ceo among his friends and family. Most importantly, everybody is talking about Tropicana and consumers feel they are being listened to-- and so and old brand becomes relevant once again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Best of Boston 2009

A collaboration between Rose and I for a Boston Magazine Cover Submission. The idea really was Rose's. I would say this is pretty close to her initial sketch.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yard Sale, THE STORE!

We decided to sell all the stuff that's been in our apartment and, in the process, created our first pop up retail store. Lots of "HOT ITEMS," lots of "HOT LOOKS."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elephant made out of stuff in the dirt.

Is this a good printer?

Basically, every printer has a scanner these days. i spent some time testing each printer/scanner at Best Buy, so I could get the best buy. An example is SO much more helpful than those stupid info cards.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Business Travel.

I remember in my elementary school gym there were these huge icons of athletes playing all kinds of sports. I stared at these things all the time because I was amazed at how much information a few shapes could convey. I've spent today making similar images, but of a business traveler in a hotel room. They're slightly depressing and not very athletic.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today i made and tiled this image as my desktop. Trying out a new organization system. it's working well. My next project will be to redesign the folder icons.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Work Station.

We are Envisioners. We work at a high table and get eight times more work done than employees at sea-level. Computers are for music and porn, we draw the future in ink.

Here, we have our "tools." To us, tools are anything that lets us do our work better...markers, papers, music, flowers, cushions, each other--all instrumental in the tough business of idea generation and tracking. More importantly, we have space (horizontal AND vertical). We also have desks, but really we prefer to work at the table. Ask anyone, we're usually here. People have told us that they often overhear delightful and inspiring conversations as they pass by. Here at the "high table" even talking about the recession is fun. It's not to say that you can't have a successful work environment without this setup, but comfort and convenience make work tolerable - nay - enjoyable. We believe every employee should make it a priority to look and feel their best always. So if you're wondering whether or not you should buy that couch with your company card, remember what famed computer scientist Grace Hopper said, "it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

Things you can't see in the picture: Coffee machine, bathroom, high ceilings, flattering lighting

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I really like book covers.

I want to make some toy books.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Influenza ( i think )

Friday. I shouldnt have gone to work. I knew i wasnt feeling well. I hate other people when they go in sick, but im surrounded by masochists who also like their jobs. I did spend all day on the couch at work, basically what i would have done at home, only i was spreading my disease, i guess. Either way, i left early. i slept. i slept it off i thought on Saturday morning. but no. i was wrong. It's monday and I'm still retarded.

It doesnt really matter. I mean, my general feeling is that sometimes you get fucking sick. It's not a big deal, a microbial war that your body has to fight inside while the rest of you takes it easy on the outside. It's just uncomfortable. So, it's like, do I take medicine JUST SO THAT I'M COMFORTABLE? seems so dumb. I'll take vitamins. You know...I view them as weaponry. but, do my soldiers need blankets? What happens when I'm in REAL pain??

The bad thing is that i have three roommates. Which means that my germs are getting spread in four completely separate directions throughout the city. Spread and magnified. I better be better tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the "Holidays"

Something told me the quotations were needed.

Going home for the holidays was sort of fun in retrospect, but there's something about actually being home that puts me on edge. i don't know why. To me, the real world is that lifestyle which i encounter when i return to my hometown. I don't know if I'm cut out for it. It looks hard.

But, you was christmas, and we did all the christmas stuff and it was fun.

midnight mass...well without actually going inside.


kids were around,

and plenty to eat and drink.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Right now i am STARVING. im actually starving. i hopped on the Leeanne bandwagon of fasting this week. Yesterday and today we could eat only vegetables. i dont even know what vegetables are nor do i know how to eat them. i ate a salad with no dressing, an egg (morning), brocolli, a bag of carrots, and some popcorn. sooo... it wasnt perfect. but today, i've had an apple, steamed vegetables and about two teaspoons of peanut butter which is probably not allowed, but it's the best tasting peanut butter i've ever had. Tomorrow, there is no food allowed. nothing. We have a video confessional set up at home to document our* progress.

*leeanne, chris, and myself