Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Tobacco STILL leading the way in innovation

I don't usually smoke, as it contributes to premature aging (and really, who wants to be old?). Though, get some drinks in me and, surprise, i stop considering my future. Last weekend, as my vision was blurring and i was standing outside a bar to collect myself, a girl offered me a cig and when i said "Sure," GUESS what she said?!?---"Regular or Menthol?" It might have been the beer, but this chick transformed instantly into one of those cigarette girls you see in casinos. I'm like, "wait, you carry around multiple packs?" Nope, just one-- Camel Crush. The directions are simple: Squeeze the filter, hear the click, change the taste. Im pretty sure they hit on all five senses with this product. It's designed for those "connector" personas--those people who like to share and make friends and probably only smoke for the social aspect. With menthol as such a polarizing flavor, the Connector can be a hero to anyone. She talked nonstop about the goddamned thing, so obviously it works as a conversation starter; and even though i couldn't wait to get away from her after about ten seconds, i have to admit that the idea is devastatingly cool.

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Vector said...

A LOT of you have asked...which did i go for... regular or menthol?
First of all, very good question.

Well...while i'd usually go reg, i needed to see/hear/feel/taste this thing in action so i went menthol. The 'Click" is REAALLY satisfying. you feel like you've done something. the taste is...well... gross...cigarette mixed with chewing gum.